Advance biosensor platform for real-time medical diagnostics

Diagnostics Difficulties

One of the most challenging objectives faced by modern medicine is timely, rapid, and accurate diagnostics of diseases, and in particular infectious diseases.

To deliver accurate and consistent results every step of the molecular diagnostics workflow from sample collection to amplification and reporting requires rigorous and reliable processes, procedures, tools and trained professionals.

The issues facing global economies with COVID-19 testing are not unique to this virus (SARS-CoV-2). There are numerous other pathogens and diseases that are facing the same challenges.

HiPic Objective

    We are committed to the detection and diagnosis of biological agents through our innovative, portable, and sensitive biosensor platform to deliver precision results in less than 60 seconds.


Shaping the Future of Diagnostics

    A patient needs to go to point-of-care.
    A lab technician needs to collect samples.
    Laboratories are required for high sensitivity sample analysis.

    Point-of-Care will go to the patient.
    Patient is empowered to collect samples accurately.
    High sensitivity results no longer require laboratories.

Ideal Solution

To successfully re-open the economy and meet the demand for millions of tests daily, the ideal diagnostics and testing platform must be capable of the following:

    PORTABLE - Point-of-Care device must be portable so it can expand diagnosis beyond health care facilities to patient’s location.

    SENSITIVITY - It must exhibit high sensitivity through a small sample of saliva without the need for lab amplification.

    COST - Cost of testing must drop to a point that individuals if required, can take the test daily.

    ACCURACY – Operate with a high level of accuracy every time.

    RAPID – Results must be displayed near real-time.



Beyond the current pandemic, HiPic’s biosensor device can be used to detect a variety of biomolecules.

HiPic Portable device is ideal for day-to-day testing at workplaces, schools, airports, sports & entertainment venues, etc.

Our Portable device and testing platform is ideal for Drugs of Abuse screening market.

About Us


A Different Approach

We are solving a scientific problem through engineering innovation and to successfully do this, we have assembled a multi-disciplined team with expertise in molecular biochemistry, nanochip technology, & systems engineering.

Our Team


Farhad Pakravan


Developer of 3 multi billion-dollar products
Member of 3 startups – 2 acquired by Cisco & Broadcom.
MS in Electrical Engineering


Mansour Bassiri, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Founder, Co-founder of 2 startups with NovaBay going IPO.
+25 years of academic and industry experience.
PhD, Molecular Microbiology, Virology


Scientific Advisory Board

Catherine Ball, PhD blog-1

    Chief Scientific Officer at

    A genomic scientist who has annotated and mined the genomes of various organisms.

    Director of Stanford Microarray Database pioneering in data analysis resources for high-throughput biomedical technologies.

Bahram Fathollahi, PhD blog-1

    Visiting Scholar at Stanford Genome Technology Center.

    Expert in development of microfluidic platforms into commercial products for research and diagnostic markets.

    Expert in transforming early-stage technologies into useful products.

Paul Luciw, PhD blog-1

    Professor at UC Davis, Infectious Diseases Unit Core Scientist.

    Professor Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UC Davis School of Medicine.

    Pharmacologic properties of viral activators and the penetration of antiretroviral drugs in the simian AIDS model.

Business & Technical Advisory

Clint Severson - Business Advisor blog-1

    Former President and CEO at Abaxis, Inc. (NASDAQ: ABAX).

    30 years’ in medical diagnostics. ABAX was quired for $2 Billion by Zoetis in 2018.

Saeid Ghafouri - Business Advisor blog-1

    Chief Revenue Officer at Movellus.

    Expert in transforming small technology companies into major enterprises.

Abe Ghanbari, PhD – Technical Advisor blog-1

    VP Technology and Innovation at Materion Precision Optical Coating.

    Expert in semiconductor, optics/photonics, nanotechnology.

Sasan Vossoughi – Business Advisor blog-1

    Chief Information Officer at ChargePoint.

    Expert in process, technology and creating high performing teams.

Kamaron Sardar - Drug Detection Advisor blog-1

    Expert in drug recognition with the LAPD.

Clinical Advisors

Ravin Agah, MD, PhD blog-1

    Medical Director/Physician, Sutter Health/PAMF – Internal medicine & infectious diseases.

    Adjunct Assistant Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine.

Chris Landon, MD Profile

    Director of Pediatrics, Ventura County Medical Center – pediatric pulmonology, immunology.

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Practice and Pediatrics, UCLA.



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