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A patient needs to go to point-of-care - Inconvenient

A lab technician needs to collect samples – Time Consuming

Laboratories are required for high sensitivity sample analysis - Expensive



Point-of-Care will go to the patient – Ease of Use

Patient is empowered to collect samples accurately - Rapid

High sensitivity results no longer require laboratories – Inexpensive

Easy to Use, Hand-held, Real-Time Diagnostics Device

Measurement requires a small sample of saliva with single-use cartridge

Rapid readout from Nano-Sensor with high sensitivity and selectivity  


Knowledgeable, Effective, Aspiring Entrepreneurs Critical for Teamwork, Collaboration and Success

Farhad Pakravan, MSEE - CEO & Founder

  • Passionate leader and Entrepreneur

  • Has played key roles in 3 startups with successful exits

  • Experience in developing several multi billion-dollar products from ground up

  • Inventor with 3 patents

  • Mansour Bassiri, PhD, Molecular Microbiology/Virology - CSO

  • Serial Entrepreneur – Founder/Co-founder of 2 startups, with one going IPO

  • 25 years of academic and industry experience with products in the market

  • Inventor with 9 patents

Carl Galewski, PhD, EE, NanoFab Process & R&D

  • Key member of PlasmaSi Inc., successful exit

  • Serial Entrepreneur – 4 startups

  • 30 years experience in thin-film deposition, atomic layer deposition, plasma deposition, nanofab technologies, and vacuum chamber technology

Tae Sung Kim, PhD, EE and MEMS

  • Experience in successfully developing microfab processes for IR sensor IC and readout system for projection chamber using gas avalanche devices

  • Design, simulation, and fabrication of MEMS based long wave IR filter

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